I have been seriously studying and creating art since the early 1980’s. I am also a graphic designer, and owner of Sunkissed Design. Over the years I have exhibited widely and received awards and recognition for my artwork. I also have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, from Utah State University (Logan Utah).

Pamala B. Bird
Unique, Original Artwork By Pamala Bird

Artist’s Statement:
I am fascinated by the art and mythology of the great cultures of the past, and my own art is an exploration of what they thought, felt and believed as revealed through their art.  I strive to express through my art the wonder I feel at the immense diversity and beauty with which the human spirit has manifested itself throughout the ages. To me, being contemporary includes all our past antecedents that have made us who we are and the present what it is.

Art for me is an avenue of study, and exploration as well as of self-expression.  In my art, I am asking questions as much as I am making a statement. This is a spiritual quest in which I find a sense of connection with all those who came before me in this human experience, as well as a quest to understand life, humanity, and myself.  I often refer to my artwork as “Contemporary Expressions of Ancient Images”.  My current focus is on exploring “Concepts of the Divine Feminine” and women’s roles in ancient art and history.

I work in a number of mediums, including painting in oils, watercolor and others.   However, Printmaking has been my specialty– Intaglio, Woodcut, Collograph, Monoprint and Serigraph.   In recent years I have been creating in Bas (low) Relief Sculpture, cast in handmade paper. For more information on this and Printmaking, see the Processes Page.

I have developed a body of work depicting feminine archetypes, and goddesses from many ancient cultures throughout the world in Bas Relief Sculpture.  I study the mythology, art and history of these cultures to learn about their concepts of the Divine Feminine.  Then I create my own versions of these feminine archetypes.  I use some of that particular culture’s art styles and iconography, and the attributes of each particular goddess, but I have also added a little of the vision of a contemporary woman to these creations.  I believe that these icons would be recognizable and “readable” to people from that time and place, but they are not copies of existing ancient artworks.