Showing and Presenting the Feminine Archetypes

I recently had the honor of showing of my art series, Feminine Archetypes Around the World and Through the Ages in Springdale Utah next to the beautiful Zion National Park.  I was very gratified with all the good comments about the art and the interest and questions about the Archetypes.

Visitors enjoying Feminine Archetypes

Each of my artworks comes with HerStory, including  her culture, and symbols.  I was also privileged to present an “Art Talk” in which I explained more about my art.  I spoke on such topics as:

- How I got into this unusual medium and subject,

- My artistic  process, from research and design through  creating bas relief sculpture in hand made paper

- what it means to me as a woman

- how creating this art has benefited me, psychologically and spiritually

Presentation by Pamala Bird about her Feminine Archetypes Fine Art Series

Many people expressed to me their enjoyment of, not only the art, but also of the interesting history and mythology of the  Feminine Archetypes.  I hope that you also enjoy viewing and reading about them in my posts.

Here I am at the reception with "Our Lady of the Lions"

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