Our Lady of the Sky Dancers

The term “Sky Dancer” is a poetic translation of the Tibetan word for Dakini, Khandroma.  A Dakini is an elusive tantric figure, particularly prevalent in Vajrayana Buddhism. The Dakini  might best be described as a female embodiment of enlightened energy, evocative of the movement of energy in space.  In her most essential aspect, she represents the formless wisdom nature of the mind itself.  On an inner, ritual level, she is a meditational deity, visualized as the personification of qualities of Buddhahood.   She dances on the corpse of ego and ignorance, within the circle of the flame of pristine awareness, wearing a tiger skin skirt to show her fearlessness in meditation, and adorned with bone ornaments.  Her hair stands straight up indicating that her practice leads to transcendence.  She wears a crown of skulls representing the wisdoms of the Five Buddha Families, and she carries the Khatvanga staff, which is her inner masculine support, and indicative of skillful means.  Her hooked knife cuts through neurotic attachments, her skull cup contains the blissful nectar of nonduality, and the garland of severed heads represents liberation in non-thought from samskaras, which are our negative thought patterns and conditioning.

For this image, I have assimiliated attributes from several dakinis.  I was particularly inspired by the Wisdom Dakinis, Vajravarahi and Vajrayogini, who are also considered Buddhas.

I have cast her in hand made paper pulp and left if the natural white of the paper.Our Lady of the Skydancer

Our Lady of the Skydancers

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