Our Lady of Perfected Wisdom

Prajna Paramita symbolizes the wisdom that is the topic of the Prajna Paramita Sutras, or Perfection of Wisdom Discourses.

Our Lady of Perfected Wisdom

She was the first cosmic goddess to appear in the Buddhist pantheon.  A cosmic goddess is one who is identified with ultimate reality and represents supreme metaphysical principles or ideals.  She embodies the transcendent wisdom that is the crowning goal of the Buddhist path; the non-dual wisdom (prajna) that recognizes the illusory nature of reality and the infinite interconnectedness and harmony of all phenomena.   Her name means Perfect or Transcendent Wisdom.  She is celebrated as the Mother of All Buddhas.  She is shown here in the Tibetan style seated on a lotus throne among clouds.  She holds a book of Buddhist scripture and the Vajra, a symbol of Vajrayana, one of the three major branches of Buddhism, translated as the “Diamond Way”.  The vajra destroys all kinds of ignorance, and itself is indestructible.

This piece is in cold cast copper with chemical patinas.

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