Our Lady of Knowledge and Arts

As I mentioned in my previous post about Lakshmi  (Our Lady of the Elephants) there are many manifestations of the goddess (or Devi) in Hindusim.  The many different goddesses (and gods) simply represent the multitude of aspects, qualities, and attributes of the Absolute or Supreme Being beyond all name and form.

Our Lady of Knowledge and Arts, Hand Cast Paper Relief Sculpture

Sarasvati is another manifestation of the Divine Feminine.  Her white sari reflects her essential purity, her rejection of all that is base and materialistic. In Hinduism, Sarasvati, is knowledge itself, and the principle of learning, wisdom and all the arts.  She is also Vagdevi, goddess of speech and sound.  She gives gifts of language and poetic vision and is called the mother who gives birth by naming things.  The four Vedas, books of universal knowledge, were her offspring.  She is heralded by Peacocks, symbol of the arts, and often rides or is accompanied by a Swan, which personifies pure knowledge.  She is seated on a lotus to symbolize that she is founded in the experience of the Absolute Truth. Her musical instrument, the vina shows the beauty of learning the fine arts. Playing her vina, she tunes the mind and intellect with her knowledge, and thus the seeker can be in harmony with the universe. Her right hand holds prayer beads, representing all spiritual sciences, like meditation and chanting, and in her left hand is a palm leaf manuscript or book, written on dried palm leaves, which were the paper of ancient India.  She is the consort of the four-headed God of Wisdom, Brahma, whom she helped to create the universe.

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