Feminine Archetypes by Pamala Bird

You are invited to explore this visually exciting and emotionally powerful art series about Feminine Archetypes. The research and creation of these images entitled “Feminine Archetypes Around the World and Through the Ages” has been an adventure in self-discovery and personal empowerment for artist, Pamala Bird.

This art series with a fresh perspective on femininity, women’s history and the cosmic sacred feminine, explores and celebrates women, through the art and mythology of many ancient cultures around the world. It honors the universal feminine principle, and feminine attributes of nurturing, wisdom, and compassion.

Each image is accompanied by HerStory, and pays homage to the importance and contributions of women and mothers to life and society— those who have been maintaining, sustaining and holding it all together for centuries.

The artist feels like a time traveler creating her own versions of goddesses from ancient cultures
in a manner that would be recognizable and “readable” to people from that time and place. However, they are not copies of existing ancient artworks. Each particular culture’s art styles and iconography along with the attributes of individual goddesses are combined with the vision of a contemporary woman. Pamala Bird says, “Being contemporary includes all the past antecedents that have made us who we are, and the present what it is. My quest to understanding the experiences of those who came before me in this human experience expands my understanding of life and my place in it.”

The art is presented in the 3-dimensionality of the unusual medium of hand cast paper relief sculpture.

This blog reveals insights into the creative process:
a. Techniques of the medium of Relief Sculpture and handmade paper
b. The working of an artist’s mind
c. Emotional, psychological, and spiritual insights gained from the research and creation of “Feminine Archetypes Around the World and Through the Ages.”

This blog is also about:

d. Stories about the goddess and women in ancient cultures and mythology. Explanations of symbols and iconography, and
e. The continuing ongoing labor of love as the Archetypes increase with new discoveries and insights.